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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vietnamese Coffee

When I was at the Vietnamese market picking up some Thai basil seeds for a friend I happened to remember wanting to try Vietnamese coffee. I had planned on ordering some online, but then I thought...hey I'll just ask them if they carry a Vietnamese style coffee filter (I didn't know it was called a phin filter). Oh yes they had one, then she was excited to show me what coffee to get too...

Cafe Du Monte - a French style coffee with chicory (I think it's popular in New Orleans) I have never had coffee with chicory before so I wasn't sure how it would taste. She said it is the kind that she drinks and her husband likes it. The other brand they had was Trung Nguyen, (now that one sounded Vietnamese) and was $3 more, so I thought I would try that one next time.

It is an individual filter that fits on your cup, it has a lid and inner screw on filter. I should of shown that. First you put some sweetened condensed milk in your cup, then the filter on top. I had two of these cups that came with the little pot to hold the hot water, so that worked well. I think I'll pick up anothe phin filter too since it was only $4 and that way a friend can make their they way they want it at the same time!

Just add the coffee to the filter...the lady who helped me said to add just a teaspoon full of coffee powder, but then her husband spoke up and said to fill it halfway...hehe I guess he likes it strong.

Then screw on the top filter...

...pour in the hot water...

... let it steep into the cup and I keep filling it until the cup was full...

mmm...a nice strong cup of coffee, I'm glad I started out with a smaller amount, but I used less for Maranda who also wanted to try it. Some like to leave the sweetened condensed milk and save it for the end, but I liked to mix mine and I added a little cream to it. You could use a French Press and some French roast coffee instead.

I drank it hot with my muah chee, but I do like it over ice too. Or for a whole new drink it would be good in a blender with ice...oh and some chai spice :P

When you come to visit I'll have the second one ready for you!


  1. Lyndsey look lovely I love the pictures, gloria

  2. Oh, love to read this to know of different ways to make coffee. Never seen this filter before. I want to be your guest to try that out :D Love muah chee too. I need to make that too.

  3. oh love this post and great cup, I had it before at a restaurant a tad sweet for me have you tried south Indian filter coffee?

  4. Vietnamese coffee is very similar to our local coffee here, thick and rich..

  5. I tried Vietnamese coffee at a Vietnamese restaurant once and it was very bitter! I think I shall have to brew my own if I want it less strong! Or I can come visit you, Lyndsey *hint* :D

  6. I will be there; love to find a new gadget; I have never heard of this cool one.

  7. Thank you Gloria!

    Rebecca - that's why I like to make it myself you don't have to make it that sweet. No I haven't seen a Indian coffee I have to check it out :D

    Sonia - so husband doesn't like his very strong...I make cold brewed for him.

    Jeannie - Yes come on over, I'll let you brew your own the way you like it! :)

    Rita - Yes that's right we both love to find these fun NTM (new to me) gadgets!

  8. That looks like great coffee! I have never had coffee with chicory sounds delicious!

  9. I had forgotten just how good this can be. I enjoyed this so much when we were traveling in Vietnam. It was always a treat. I hope youhave agreat day. Blessings...Mary

  10. What a fascinating way to brew coffee. We love strong coffee and chicory only makes it better in my opinion, but I love Louisiana dark coffee.

  11. Lyndsey, I think you're becoming more an Asian, you made bento, muah chee, and now you enjoyed Vietnamese coffee... hehe..what's next?

  12. Nutmeg - It was pretty good with the chicory...seemed to mellow it out.

    Mary - I wish I could of tried this in Vietnam!

    Sam - I liked the chicory too, funny how this is actually a New Orleans coffee, I hear they sure know how to brew a good cup of joe in NO!

    Anncoo - ha! you're right! What else should I try Ann? I am sure there are a whole bunch more Asian things that I would love to try. They already know me so well in the Korean store :D I also love Indian and Latin foods, Caribbean too and more. That's what is so much fun about food blogging :D

  13. I bought a couple of those filters & cups combos for my parents when they moved to Atlanta as a house warming gift. Love this post! It brings back so many memories. My dad still drinks his coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Lyndz, you know what happened! For the past 2 days, I've waited for at least 15-20 mins before I can read everything and even worst when I tried to write in the comment. And last night I felt asleep when halfway waiting. hahaha.... Gosh, hopefully, this will through!
    Have a great day.
    p/s will write soon.

  15. I had an iced coffee version at a Vietnamese restaurant, with condensed/evapourated milk. Strong...but smooth. I like!

  16. I like dripping Viet coffee straight into a little condensed milk! What a simple way to enjoy - coffee and muah chee :)


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