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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amy's Pho Vietnamese Noodles and Subs, and More

My daughter and I like to check out different regional cuisines many are in little strip malls and would qualify as a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It is fun and interesting and we have found some really good food in Sarasota.

I will share with you where we went the past two Saturdays...first I wanted to try some Vietnamese pho. I checked out how to make it and even a local well known food blogger had a great recipe on her blog The Steamy Kitchen. As with so many things that I wanted to try I thought the only way was to make it myself. Until I spotted Amy's Pho Vietnamese Noodles and Subs one day as I was going to my husband's jet ski repair shop one day. So that Saturday we stopped in...

It is a small restaurant tucked away in a small strip mall on a part of 301 that is a little sketchy, but we are used to the area during the day because the bike shop my husband used to work at and his new shop are just down the street. Anyway we had to try it one day for lunch...

Maranda ordered the Grilled Chicken with Vermicelli, the portions sizes were very large, but that's okay we are used to taking food home for lunch the next day.

She tried the dipping sauce, but just a little. The waiter was very friendly and kept asking how she liked it. Also making sure everything was fine.

I ordered the Pho with rare arrived steaming hot...

The beef wasn't what I would call rare and I could of done without it, next time I'll order a different one. Or maybe try their Bun Cha which I hear is really good. The pho comes with a large plate of toppings of fresh Thai basil, sprouts, and chilies...

It was very good the broth was excellent you could taste all the flavors that went into it, and I am glad I was able to get such a large bowl of goodness! Later the owner or at least I thought he was the owner came out front and sat at a table near us and asked how everything was. Funny he too was so concerned how my daughter liked hers. He went over to talk to her when I went up to pay, then he smiled when she said she liked it, he told her to tell her friends. We will definitely go back there again, make sure you come hungry because their bowls are really big!

Last Saturday we went to the flea market up in Bradenton, when we were ready to leave we stopped here to pick up some very authentic Mexican food to bring to my husbands shop for lunch...
The women in the back was making the tortillas...pulling off balls from this big pile of masa dough...I had gorditas -beef, chicken and pork and we picked up some quesadillas and these were nothing like the quesadillas that you get at Chili's. Can't wait to go back and get the 4 tacos for $6.00. We ate it all before I remembered to get a picture of it.

Back to my yard and an update on my is the one that I planted in the ground, it is growing nicely...

...and some nice big banana leaves that I hope to use before the wind rips them up, don't they look pretty?

This is the turmeric in the pot, I will have to use this soon too. Now I have to find out how and when to harvest it and what recipe to use the tops in. Thanks for stopping by, and any suggestion on how to use the fresh turmeric pleas let me know!


  1. i wished that over here where i live has more vietnamese restaurants, i think just probably 2 and i find that just average, i had some spring rolls and it was not that nice. As for the turmeric leaf, the malays have a kind of rice salad they call that, it's actually a mixture of fresh herbs like, turmeric leaves, thai basil leaves, coriander leaves and a few more, all finely chopped and mixed with cooked rice, season with salt and black pepper.

  2. Very nice post Lyndsey. I love Vietnamese food especially Pho with beef. I usually like to add more basil leaves and extra chilli into it.
    For turmeric, people usually cook fresh turmeric with curries and I used turmeric powder with fried rice.

  3. I adore pho broth! And yes, once they put the thin sliced rare beef in the hot broth, it cooks really fast.

  4. Thanks Lena that's a good idea to use it in a salad with mixed herbs.

    Anncoo - thank you, so I guess you would pretty much use it like you would powdered turmeric. I did use it with some roasted vegetables before.

    Pam - I was thinking that same was probably cooked it because it sure was hot when I got it.

  5. Poh with beef in broth looks so appetizing!

  6. nice post! your bowl looked yummy.

    what do you do with the banana leaves?

  7. Oh Lindsey, I`m so jealous that you have the banana leaves and fresh turmeric! Make a turmeric paste with other spices, rub it on fish, wrap the fish with the banana leaves, and roast it. The recent post from She Simmers might show you the idea :))

  8. Lyndz, I am actually planning to make the vietnamese cold vermicelli this weekend. I had it once. A vietnamese friend made it. Very very tasty. Hey, your turmeric plant is growing well and so is the banana leaf. You can use the leaves for making some asian! hehe...
    Hope you're going to enjoy your weekend, dear.
    Chill out, lady! ((hugs))
    Regards, Kristy

  9. I love to check out local haunts too. I loved both that you shared with us. Two very distinct cuisines...Vietnamese and Mexican. Awesome.


  10. Angie, yes it was good!

    Susan, a friend has a family recipe that I want to make it's a Purto Rican dish pastels, made with green bananas and pork wrapped up in banana leaves when cooked. Or Kristy can come up with a good Asian dish to make :D Can't wait!

    Arudhi - thanks for the link I am excited to check it out. Turmeric paste sounds like a great way to use it!

    Kristy, yes I will have to use the leaves for sure, I will get together with you for some recipes :) Thanks! Cheers!

    Velva - I know...the two cuisines were very distinct, and one day we went to a French Bakery for breakfast! Love it!

  11. We seriously love pho and vermicelli. When I was in college, I went to eat pho at least twice a week. Now my kids love it so we usually go either Fri or Sat. Something about this simple food that we can't skip. You are growing fresh turmeric? Amazing! I don't have the recipe, but I hope you can find something good to make. Looking forward to it. =)

  12. Funny! I just happen to be eating...pho!!

  13. I love ate it all before you had a chance to take photos. Must have been good!
    Fun to go to those out of the way places; so many of them have wonderful food. We have a nice small Vietnamese restaurant here. I had some kind of pancake that was divine.

  14. Hi Lyndsey. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been poking around yours and enjoying all the very interesting ideas you have particularly the rolled up pizza ... esp since I'm in a rolling, twirling mood these days ;)
    Oh yeah, the reason I commented on this particular post and not on the pizza post is that I wanted to share with you an idea of how you can use those turmeric leaves. (Your plant looks so good and healthy!) They have such a beautiful scent. I've just recently made some chicken rendang with it but have not posted the recipe so I've included another link here that you might like to try out. I haven't personally tried this recipe but since it comes from a tv celebrity cook, I'm guessing you can't go wrong :D Enjoy!

  15. I rarely eat vietnamese food although they are quite easily available...I always ended up in a Thai restaurant instead! lol! I must visit one that served food like these soon!

  16. Now I had no idea that turmeric looked like that. Looking forward to hearing how you harvest it and use it in that form. Diane

  17. Lyndsey, how nice to have banana leaves in your garden and your tumeric plant look so healthy! I LOVE Vietnamese food and there is a restaurant near my home that we frequent. When we were in Bangkok, we used to order Vietnamese food to be delivered to our condo and they were delicious! I have yet to try making a Vietnamese dish. Your bowl of noodles make me crave for one. I could almost smell in my mind the fragrance of the soup.

  18. Nami, Yes, there is just something about simple foods. I know we will be eating this more often.

    Belinda, that is funny what a coincidence!

    Barbara, we have so much fun discovering these small places.

    Ping - thanks for the comment and the link. I will definitely try to make it. So glad you like it here.

    Jeannie, we have a good Thai restaurant close by! Yum!

    Diane, it was fun to see how it would can eat the leaves and the root or rhizome.

    Veronica, I love growing things that you can eat. I don't do well growing veggies though. I haven't made anything Vietnamese yet except coffee.

  19. I just love finding those secret little hole in the wall places that nobody knows about, but the thing is, great food doesn't stay secret for long ;).
    HOw cool that you've got a tumeric plant! I can't say I've ever see one before.
    *kisses* HH

  20. Ooh the turmeric is growing so nicely! It could be a while before the root is ready to be harvested (according to our helper), since it grows quite slowly. But the leaves are ready to be used. You can pick one off and slice them finely and add them to your curry dishes.

    I am so happy you love Vietnamese. It is one of my most favorite Asian cuisine.

  21. What a fun coincidence, Lyndsey. You also are posting a great restaurant review. I love Vietnamese cuisine, too...there's one close to my former neighborhood, that I would love to visit again, now that I see all the delicious foods you ordered. Also, the Mexican little eatery looks invinting, as well!

    Would not know what to use the fresh Turmeric for, but I imagine for the same foods that call for the dry powder, just chopped up!
    Aren't banana plants great? In my former house, we have a yard full of them, including papaya trees!

  22. HH, yes the little hole-in-the-wall places are the best! Most are family owned and operated and they put their hearts into it!

    Jun - thanks for the tips. Good to know that I can use the leaves and still let it grow. I agree, I read it will take about 10 months after you plant it. I just noticed a new shoot coming up along side the other one today!

    Elisabeth - We love those little local places, especially living in tourist spots like we both do. We try to avoid the tourist spots certain times of the year. I usually don't do very well doing a review because we usually don't order a lot of food, and no desserts (we have to go out sometimes just for dessert) but we do try to get different things so we can try each other's dish.

  23. you are amazing, i can't believe you can plant turmeric leaf and banana tree in US, proud of you. Ya, i like to add turmeric leaf into Rendang curry (chicken or beef) and also add in the marinate with chicken wings and deep fried, simply yummy. You can find the recipes in my blog. Also you can use the banana leafto wrap Nasi Lemak (coconut rice). Happy cooking!


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