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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Corn Pancakes and Lavender Syrup

I am not a big pancake fan, I am not a big fan of sweets for breakfast ...well unless it's a chocolate croissant ;) If I have waffles or French toast it's usually without syrup. So you are probably wondering where I am going with this....My daughter has been making pancakes for her breakfast (takes after her grandmother) now and then and when we go out for breakfast she always gets one pancake and a side of hash browns. So the other day I was thinking about when I did eat pancakes...when I was a kid and my mom would make us corn pancakes. That's what I grew up eating...corn pancakes made with Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix....
The recipe was on the side of the box and that is how we had pancakes. I loved them as a kid and I love using Jiffy to make corn bread. Sometimes you just have to pull out the box. So being the weekend I thought it would be fun to make my mom's Jiffy corn pancakes and see what my daughter thought of them....well they were a big hit...just like when I was a kid!! I was telling my sister that I made mom's corn pancakes and she asked "Did you use Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix?" It sure makes it easy and why mess with it.

If you can't get Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix where you live you can always try to make them from scratch:

!/2 to 3/4 cup cornmeal
1/2 cup flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tbs. sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 Tbs. margarine, melted

Mix the dry ingredients then add the wet and stir together, don't over-mix. Make sure your griddle is hot before you pour the batter on it. When you start to see the bubbles, flip them over.

Now for the syrup...I have never made jam or jelly before and I really wanted to try. I do eat jam on toast with almond butter, but I use it sparingly so it's not too sweet. I wanted to try something a little different so I thought it would be fun to make lavender jelly. Well I tried and it didn't set up. Then after reading... it said to wait two weeks because it could take that long before it sets. So that's what I did, as long as it seals it is okay to do this....and it didn't set up. After following the direction on how to remake the jelly and doing a lot of reading, that's what I did. It even said sometimes it just doesn't set up...even for experienced jelly makers...this sometimes will happen. Then you just say you made syrup! So I made Lavender Syrup!

I must say... it was really good! It was so good on the corn pancakes (which is now on our breakfast menu).

I used a jar that really didn't seal so I popped it in the fridge and used it here. After awhile the rest of my jelly did set up some I will let you know if it works on toast!

Lavender Syrup:
3 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup dried lavender
1/4 cup juice of 1 lemon
1 pouch of liquid pectin
4 cups sugar
of course if you are making syrup I would leave out the pectin and cook everything with the lemon peels and cook it to the right consistency.

It brought back such good memories. Funny how food can do that.

We didn't have much of a sunset tonight, but it was still a beautiful evening at the beach.

I love watching the clouds over the water...

a perfect evening with a nice breeze...

walking barefoot...wishing you all were here with us...

...the moon even was out. Have a wonderful evening!


  1. I think this pancakes look delicious Lyndsey, nice pictures too! gloria

  2. I gotta try this, my mom would love something like this (her being Mexican, she LOVES things that are corn based/ has an appreciation for them)

  3. Lavender syrup - how delicate and lovely! And the beach...ah....

  4. Wow, great beach pics and sweet looking pancakes. I too am not a huge fan of the sweet breakfast but since moving to the U.S. I have began to quite like it now and again.
    Thanks for sharing...

  5. I've never tried lavender syrup before. I bet it must be very delicious :)

  6. Love you photos of your perfet beac; this looks so good; you are introducing me to new taste sensation; thank you!

  7. Wow that lavendar syrup sounds amazing! There are so many things i want to pour it over!

  8. What a great way to make pancakes! I love the lavender syrup. Sounds so good. I will have to try this next time I make pancakes!

  9. I will certainly give this recipe a try, (from scratch, no mix here) like the sound of it. The beach looks wonderful. Diane

  10. Your beach photos are beautiful, Lyndsey. The waves and clouds are so pretty with the light reflecting off of them. I've never tried a lavender syrup but imagine its delicious with corn pancakes.

  11. coincidentally, i also just posted pancakes but chinese type of pancakes.. 2 weeks to set the jelly? that's really long time. I'm sure your syrup taste just as good! lyndsey, i also wish i could be there at the beach, did i remember you saying that you lived very near the beach? have a good week.

  12. These look so light and delicate--not like the intestinal bombs that a lot of pancakes are. I just may make these...for dinner :)

  13. I am definitely not into sweet breakfast too!

  14. This is wonderful, Lyndsey..cornmeal in the pancakes! Would love to try this weekend.

  15. Jiffy Corn Mix is pretty much the best cornbread mix ever! They're my absolutely favorite and I can't believe I never tried the pancake mix on the side. I'll definitely give them a go. And your syrup looks lovely! Sorry to hear about that jam tho :(

    By the way, I've given you an award over on Deep Dish :)

  16. love the seet tinge to everyday breakfast ! first time visitor to this space and loved it !!

    Join me in a 100-day Global Food Festival here

  17. Gloria, thanks so much, I love that you comment here everytime. I really appreciate your support.

    Nathan, I hope you enjoy it. I grew up eating these and am so glad that I brought them back.

    Belinda - the syrup actually tasted great!

    Foodness Gracious - thanks, I always have to throw some beach pics in my posts, I take photos each time we got can't help myself.

    Ann - it did turn out good, I know you'd like it.

    Rita, thanks I think this is perfect for you to try!

  18. Joanne - I am very happy with it, let me know what you use it on!

    Beth - I hope you try it, let me know how you like it.

    Diane - Let me know how you like them. I will be making them again soon.

  19. Cathy - I am so glad that you like the beach photos. Surprisingly the two flavors did go togehter nicely!

    Lena - I did check out your pancakes and now I have to make them Yum!

    TKW - Great! Hope you like them!

    tigerfish - :)

    Parsley Sage - I know you can't beet Jiffy, I make the cornbread all the time and the price is too good too. Thanks for the award! :)

    Kalyani - It is nice meeting you. So happy you like it here, thanks for stopping by, hope you come back soon.

  20. This looks uber-amazing! I may even have to cook this for dinner! Breakfast for dinner... I know... but they look that good!

  21. Yay for jelly Lyndsey! I haven't tried plain lavender - yet. But I bet it won't be too long. Syrup sounds delish.

    My husbands mom passed down a recipe for Hoe Cakes that are basically a corn pancake that they serve with beef stew. Sounded strange to me, but it turned out delicious. I'll have to try the Jiffy pancakes for breakfast sometime. That sounds good too. :)

  22. I've never thought of using muffin mix for making pancakes! That's a whole new idea and I love it. I love sweet and savory breakfast together. ;-)

  23. I love pancakes though I don't eat them too often. I have never tried anything with cornmeal. I should try it one day. Your corn pancakes look very healthy and delicious with the lavender syrup. I'm sure eating this combo for breakfast is very calming and soothing :D

  24. What a wonderful family memory passed on to your daughter. Food truly connects us through time, space and hearts. I must give these corn cakes a try and am intrigued with the lavendar syrup (jam).

    I don't nearly get enough beach time, even though it is just a few miles from my door, so adore your cool blue reflections of the day bidding us adieu.

    What a lovely post Lyndsey!

  25. What a lovely post Lyndsey! I especially enjoy recipes that connect us in hearts and senses. Well done!

  26. Lyndsey, I have never tried lavender syrup before. I wonder if they even available here. I like recipes that are passed down, there are very sentimental!

  27. Cornmeal pancake sounds great! Haven't had pancakes for ages. My list ot do is over floated! :o)


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