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Friday, October 28, 2011

Breakfast Egg and Toast Cups

If you know me you know that I like to get more savory breakfast ideas. The weekends are when I spend a little more time making breakfast, rather than the whole grain toast with almond butter and ginger jam! The typical breakfast on the run out the door! So here is another one that I happened to catch on Jaden's Steamy Kitchen ...bacon, egg, and toast cups she used muffin tins to make hers. I thought I would change it up a little...(ha! what did you expect?)

I used individual cups for these, I have several different size ramekins, so I used one that would hold the goodies... I didn't have a crowd to feed so I just made three of them.

First cut a out a circle in the slice of bread, use a cookie cutter, tuna can or anything round that would work here. You were supposed to flatten it out slightly, I didn't, but it still worked fine.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
Lightly butter 6 standard-sized muffin cups or the individual cups that you plan to use.

Cut each round, then press into each muffin cup, the halves will overlap slightly, but in these ramekins they didn't so I just added some more bread.

Make use of extra bread to patch any gaps, press into place.

Brush the tops of the bread in each muffin cup with melted butter.

Lay in some spinach and sprinkle with some shredded cheese. I used some organic chopped frozen spinach that I always have on hand, you don't have to thaw it first. If you are frying up some bacon and you have the pan out already go ahead and toss some fresh spinach and saute, or chopped tomatoes, even onions if you like then add them to the bottom here.

Crack one egg into each cup and season with salt, pepper and a little herb blend, then bake until the egg whites are just set, about 20 to 25 minutes.

I made one with the egg whole...

...and another with the egg mixed up a little and a dash of cream added.

...sprinkle some grated cheese and fresh chives, and serve while still warm...

..or run a knife around cups to loosen and serve immediately.

So easy and a perfect way to make breakfast a little special!


  1. I love these - one of my favorite ways to eat breakfast!

  2. Lyndsey this look absolutely delicious! gloria

  3. Looks awesome! What a great idea for breakfast or even brunch,
    Take care...

  4. This looks too yummy!! I shall try making this (but I need to get some ramekins first) and these make great party snack too. ;)

    PS: Can I use muffin cups instead?

  5. Lovely little breakfast! Perfect for weekends.

  6. That looks absolutely delicious, I like the one with the whole egg! I must get bigger ramekins to make this!

  7. Belinda - my favorite too!!

    Gloria - thanks!

    Foodness Gracious - I like the individual servings each can have their own!

  8. Lyn - Yes you can use muffin tins...the original recipe I saw on The Steamy Kitchen used them. I wanted to use the individual dishes, but then found it easier to eat removing them from the dish.

  9. Megan - Thanks this is nice for weekends!

    Jeannie - I like the whole egg one better too! I thought I would use the ramekins because it was bigger than the muffin tins that I have. I was happy that I did!

  10. This is indeed appetising. I like the last click the best!

  11. This look so simple and super delicious!

  12. What a great idea of baking egg and toast in the cups! The pictures look gorgeous!

  13. Thank you so much for your info and little tip, Lyndsey. ;)
    Hope you've a wonderful weekend! :D

  14. I always love to come here for cozy, delicious comfort food Lyndsey...fantastic as always! Hope you are having an equally yummy weekend!

  15. Looks delicious and very elegant. Breakfast is really my favorite meal of the day. Blessings, Catherine

  16. looks absolutely delicious, a very creative idea too to bake these in a cup form!

  17. Nutritious and delicious! That's my type of breakfast!

  18. What a great way to start the day with this beautiful breakfast!

  19. Cheah - thanks, I like to show what it looks like inside when you dig in.

    Nutmeg Nanny - thank you

    Melanie - so good of you to stop by, thanks.

    Lyn - you're welcome

    Bentobird - Thank you, you are always so sweet with your words. So happy to see you again!

    Catherine - Mine too, it's a shame we don't always get the time to spend on breakfast as we do the other meals.

    Lena - always fun to change things up for breakfast.

    Angie - thanks, stop by for one.

    Treat and Trick - and pretty easy to make too!

  20. I love this recipe because I can make enough for just me or enough to feed a crowd without a lot of standing over the stove. Eggs are the perfect weekend morning breakfast.

  21. Oh my Lyndz, what a cool way making your breakfast! Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy & have a great day.

  22. Thank you for this one; I printed it because we often love to have breadkfast at night.

  23. I love this. What a great idea for breakfast or lunch and in my case, I would eat it gladly for dinner.

    If you have a moment, would you link this to Let's Do Brunch? It is the perfect Brunch food.

  24. Hey Lyndsey, sorry I've been so absent. I hadn't even opened my own blog in a while. This recipe looks sooooo good. My husband loves breakfast, and I'm going to try this out this weekend. Hope you are well.

  25. I love individual servings like this - your egg and toast cups are so cute! It's great that you can use frozen spinach as well - most folks probably have everything they need for the recipe on hand right now. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely recipe with Let's Do Brunch. I'm going to feature and link to it in my Let's Do Brunch post tomorrow.


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