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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Cedar Plank Baked Rainbow Trout

I have had these cedar plank and have been wanting to try using them with salmon for sometime now. They were tucked away somewhere and still wrapped in the plastic wrapper when Wade found them for me. They have a Florida "Gator" carved in the other side...I must of picked them up on clearance after football season.

I ran across these beautiful fresh rainbow trout, and bought some because they looked so good and they just came in. "This would work great for the cedar planks" I said to myself! So when I got home I search for the planks...I looked with my grilling supplies, then in the bin where I keep my cooking twine (I still have a lot of cooking twine if anyone needs any). I found some cookie presses that I will finally use this year (let's hope). I looked in my laundry room (which is where my pantry is). Then My husband finally found them in the garage of all places. He said he didn't know what they were but knew he should keep them because they were wrapped and the Gator symbol was on it! So here we was very easy and I will try it again soon with some salmon.

It really doesn't need any recipe it is very simple, but you do have to plan a little bit ahead to soak the cedar planks for an hour or two. The fish was already cleaned, and ready to go. I made one with fresh rosemary and lemon and the other with fresh sage and lime...that what I had in my garden.

First rinse the fish...or I should say soak the cedar planks first....after the fish are rinsed, rub with a little vegetable oil and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle a little garlic powder, onion powder, you can use any herbs you like maybe dill, or herbes de provence, then some Old Bay Seasoning or you can use chili powder. I used chipotle chili powder to keep with the smoky flavor going on here. Then like I said I then laid some rosemary on one and fresh sage leaves on the other. Place some lemon slices over the rosemary and lime slices over the sage leaves.

In a hot oven 375 - 400 degree F, place the fish on the planks and then in the can put a pan or foil under it to catch any drippings. Bake for 15-20 minutes until the fish is done.

The trout held up to the seasoning well I really like the flavor, and it was nice and moist.

I had the one with sage, but I was able to get a taste of the one with rosemary. They were both excellent!


  1. gorgeous! and it looks tasty too. :) I haven't tried baking a whole fish - yet. one of these days. I think I have some cedar planks still in the wrapper somewhere too...

  2. That looks like a delicious (and beautiful!) meal.

  3. Totally Yummy..I should definetly try this as soon as possible.thanks for the recipe dear..Following your blog straight away..If you have time Check out my blog too..

    I am having a Giveaway..

  4. What a special meal! Mine too are still wrapped in plastic in my cupboard. It will have to wait till next year; we are in rainly cold fall in this corner.

  5. Susan - Ha! So I'm not the only it's you're turn!

    Nutmeg - thanks, it so easy too!

    Belinda - always a pleasure!

    Aarthi - Thanks for stopping by!

    Rita - So funny you have some too...must be the foodiew in us that we can't help ourselves. We use our grill all year round here, but we also will have soup year round too.

    pigpigscorner - yes it really is so easy!

  6. I love the presentation of the trout, it looks very tasty!!

  7. The fish and rice looks so good and flavorful. I think I still have some leftover cedar planks. I normally use them on the grill but I'll try your method in the oven next time. That fish is making me hungry!

  8. Dear Lyndsey, This looks wonderful. I've been making a lot of fish lately. Delish! Many blessings, your friend, Catherine~

  9. Very cool! I never heard of using cedar planks before :)

  10. Lyndsey we love trout and I am wondering if I can cut planks from the cedar tree that we cut down. Wonder if there is any preparation in the wood!
    Re the virus going around your school, perhaps I have the same bug!! This has been going on for four weeks now. I am over the worst, but I now have a dreadful cough which is causing major headaches. Drs in the UK and here in France cannot find any answers. If I did not have so much to do I would just go to bed for a week :) Diane

  11. Very tasty! A great way to cook fish.

  12. sounds delicious to me with your seasoning here. I just got to know about cedar planks now..i guess the grills and bakes taste heavenly using these planks. Oh, thanks for your reply on the syrian bread!

  13. Dear Lyndsey, I finally put my washer and dryer in the garage and put some shelving in my laundry room, which is now my pantry. It only took me 28 years to think of that!! Oh, well at least I did. The fish looks excellent!! It looks pretty enough to be in a magazine. I am sure that it was excellent. Blessings, Catherine ox

  14. I love fish and this makes me so hungry!!! It's very simple with lemon and herbs yet I can imagine this is moist and juicy inside. Not to mention the presentation looks nice and it's a wonderful feast!

  15. Oh how fun! I love baked fish. I must try this.

  16. Rainbow trout is one of my favorite fish, including salmon, sardines and tilapia. I season them with ginger, garlic, green onions, turmeric, spice powder and bake them in the oven. Yummty!

  17. Hi Sweetie, miss chatting with you. I have never tried a trout before. However, does it has large or tiny bones? Ehhh...hated the tiny bone fishes. Scared of swallowing them. haha.... I have to try the fresh ones once I've landed in US someday. :o)
    Wish me luck! haha....
    Hope you're having a wonderful week.
    Kristy ((hugs))

  18. I leave all the fish cooking (well, most of it)to my hubs. This looks flavorful and a healthy summer idea. :)


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