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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chili Crusted Salmon

This is another way to make salmon and I made it as tapas so I could use my palm leaf plate. I was having a little fun with some seafood to see what I could come up with. The Holidays are a perfect time to serve tapas when you have a gathering.

For the chili crust I used some ancho chili powder that I had just picked and wanted to try it. I love the dark color and earthy depth of the can use your favorite chili powder I'm sure!

The amounts are adjustable depending how mush salmon you use, and how much heat you want.

1 tablespoon ancho chili powder (or your favorite)
1/2 tablespoon brown sugar
1 teaspoon salt
lime or lemon zest
(you can add a little cumin if you like, I didn't)
In a small bowl mix together the ingredients. Squeeze a little lime or lemon juice on the salmon and rub it with oil. Add the chili powder mix and and rub on the salmon or sprinkle it on and pat it down on top.

In a heated fry pan...I used my new cast iron griddle, sear the fish flesh side down for 3-5 minutes, flip and cook the other side about 5 minutes until done.

The sauce: I had some Taco Bell Creamy Jalapeno sauce, I added a little mayo, some sour cream, dill and capers...a short cut, I know, I know, I should of whipped up some fresh sauce for it but, can if you like.

This worked! and it was tasty! Just a little spicy, with a nice crust and creamy sauce...squeeze a little more lime...

Now for a little bit more of some local flavor...
A few photos that were taken from my daughter's birthday party boat ride a few weeks back November 27.

It was a beautiful day, in the 80s. and we are having such nice weather now too just the way I like it. This is our time to enjoy our town and get out to the water and beaches before too many tourist come down for the winter.

This is such a casual, laid back, fun place to go by land or sea. Good food, great surroundings, and much to do and see in this area. Many restaurants to go to by boat, we picked one that was easy to get into with a group of girls.

It's hard to get a good shot of the Sarasota sky line when the boat is moving! The Ringling Bridge takes you from the mainland to Bird Key and then out to St Armand's Circle, Lido Beach, and Longboat Key. We have many beaches in Sarasota County and they all offer something different. If you are not a beach person it has much to offer in the way of the Arts, museums, shopping, food and other great stuff. Like I said there is a lot to see and do!