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Monday, December 12, 2011

Japanese Sweet Potato Chips

A quick post of a yummy snack that I can't seem to get enough of...
My husband like plantain chips and I have to go out and buy the green plantains the day I make them othewise I end up putting it off and before you know it the plantains are ripe and then I have to make a sweet dish with them. Either way they are good!

Anyway the last time I made plantain chips I had Japaneses sweet potato left from another dish...since I already had my mandolin out, I sliced it up and fried the sweet potato too...

...and I liked it better! So now, I often get the Japanese sweet potato just for making.
chips! Boniato - Cuban sweet potato works good in chips too. The texture is drier than an orange regular sweet potato....

...which makes them crisp up nicely. I love crispy potatoes!!

I don't have a deep frier so I use what I do have, a wok and shallow pan fry them.

You have to make them in batches so they won't stick together, then place them on some paper towels to drain. Sprinkle with sea salt or season salt. I supposed you could add some cinnamon, but I love them with just a pinch of salt!

A word of caution, BEWARE they are addictive!!!