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Friday, February 24, 2012

Preserved Lemons

Since this is the time of year when my lemons are starting to fall off the tree, I though I better get cracking on doing something with my lemons. I have been wanting to make preserved lemons since last year's lemon crop. I don't know what happened, but it was over with before I knew it. What a perfect thing to do with my lemons...I feel comfortable using my own lemons because I know what I do with them and that no spray is used on them. Meyers lemons are a nice choice if you can find some organic Meyers lemons, since they are thinner skinned and not as bitter as some other lemons, but I am using my own. So this is what I did to salt preserve this batch of lemons...

6 - 7 organic lemons (more or less depending on the size of the lemons and size of the jar you are using)
1/2 cup kosher sea salt more if needed (use a salt that has nothing added no iodine)
5 organic coriander seeds
3 threads saffron
3 organic peppercorns
1 cinnamon stick
1 bay leaf
lemon juice to cover
canning jar (sterilized)

Clean the lemons, I like to use vinegar to clean my fruit and vegetables. You will want to scrub them pretty well...since it is the peel that you will be eating. Trim off any stems on the top and make two slices in the lemon from the top but don't go all the way through...keep it connected.

Spread the sections apart...

Sprinkle with salt getting it on all edges inside... the lemons in the prepared jar (sterilize like you would for jam...boil or in the oven) sprinkle more salt on the lemons as you put them in the jar adding the spices (if you wish) as you go...

...push down on the squeezing them in the jar, add more slices around the edges or empty spaces... and more salt on top...

..I added some fresh squeezed lemon juice to cover the the lid on the jar and tip it over and back to move the salt all through it. Place the jar in a cool space free from sunlight (like a cupboard) and move it around...tip it over and back every so often... :)

Let it stay in it's new space for 30 days. After that when using the lemons rinse them and remove the flesh, using the peels. I will let you see what that looks like after 30 days. It reminds me of when I made the vanilla extract wait and see...
Meanwhile...I will have to find some good recipe to use the preserved lemons in, I know they are used in many Moroccan dishes, but I could use your help, if you know of any recipes or different ways I can use these lemons...I would be thrilled if you would let me know. Thanks a bunch!!!