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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toasted Onion Crusted Salmon

This is my daughter new favorite way to have salmon. First let me tell you when she was little she liked Goya Mojo Marinade, steamed rice and broccoli...that's it, no sauce, no butter, nothing else. I figured since this is a child who likes such a healthy meal...why mess with it. Sometimes I would add the onions on our half and leave hers the way she liked it, after all she ate it and it was easy.

Then she started to eat other fish, I was able to get her to try mountain trout, catfish, and whitefish, even rainbow trout with the head still on. Now she is pretty adventurous, and will at least try something first, but I think she will eat most fish, (we get on sale).

So here we go on preparing her latest request salmon...

This is a quick meal ready in no time since I have the timing down on baking. Wash and pat dry the salmon...squirt a little oil in the bottom of the baking dish I love using stoneware for baking fish.
Season the fish with salt and pepper or a season-all for fish like Old Bay seasoning can use your favorite mustard, spread it on nice and even now, the mustard helps the onions hold on.

...sprinkle with some cumin, I almost used dill here, but I really like how the cumin came through in this.

Next take some of the french fried onions and crumble them up...

Top the fish with the onions and pat them down gently...some will fall off, but this is good too. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes depending on how big and thick the salmon is.

For two pieces like this about 17 minutes worked out fine. For one large piece and if it is thicker I have let it go for 25 minutes. You don't want to over cook the fish.

You want the topping to be crisp and the fish to be done, but moist and tender...

What about my husband you ask? Yes he likes it, but I never hear him complain about anything I make as long as it doesn't have green peppers and it's not too spicy!

Would you care for a bite?