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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Few FunThings

I ran across some fresh cranberry beans and garbanzo beans at our Amish market. I have never had them fresh like this before so I had to pick some up.

I have never shucked beans before either, so this was fun in small batches, I'm sure it would get old if I had to do a whole bunch.

Here is the fresh green garbanzo bean...funny to see them like this all green and fresh. Have you had them like this? How did you prepare them?

I cooked them in water until tender, and then sauteed them with shallots and some greens. What would you do?

Remember that turmeric root that I planted? It grew into a beautiful plant, and I used the leaves cooked in some dishes I made. A while back I was able to harvest some more of the roots.

I will cook with some and then plant some more again. I have it in a clay pot and planted some in the ground as well. It was fun to do, the one in the pot grew bigger than in the ground. I planted some ginger a few years back but did not harvest the ginger each year, so they come back every summer and produce some beautiful flowers and a nice green foliage near my back border. I wonder if the turmeric will come back and flower?

Next I love sweet potato fries, but when I make them at home I never deep fry anything, so when baking regular sweet potatoes they are so moist it is hard to get them crispy without frying. So I baked some Japanese sweet potato fries, seasoned nicely, they are dryer and turned out great! Of course these were in a little long, but I do like them crisp. Now I want to find the perfect dip for them, any ideas?

Finally, I picked up this herb at the farmers market last weekend. I have never seen this before, it's culantro, also known by many other names. Found in and used widely in Mexico, the Caribbean and through south Asia. It tastes similar to cilantro, but a little stronger. It is supposed to be easier to grow than cilantro, which is good because I just can't seem to grow cilantro, or parsley for that matter. It likes partial shade so I have it in a pot on my front porch. I'm excited to try it. Have you ever used this culantro before?