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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Turkey Avocado Salad

The other day I picked up a whole turkey breast with the bone. I roasted it and it came out so good...full of flavor and so moist. It was perfect for lunches with the leftovers. I have been getting away from sandwiches and it was good in the salad with avocados which are at their peak right now.

So easy too, on a bed of mixed greens. I used key lime juice, you could use lemon...I just squeezed it on the avocado, then some rice bran oil. I have been using it for salads, and it works great when making a stir fry. It has a high smoke point, and is pretty healthy using the whole bran of the rice. You can us a good olive oil or pumpkin seed oil or what ever healthy oil that you like. Then some balsamic vinegar to taste. Seasoned with my favorite season blend, and a little sea salt. If I had tomatoes like my mom grows in her garden in Michigan I would have loved to add them here. But either way I enjoyed it a lot! Simple but good!