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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just Starting

I am just starting out in this food blog. My friends from a makeup forum Aromaleigh that I chat on quite often encouraged me to start a blog. So over the summer (I work at an elementary school) I had some time that I could actually spend on the computer. I started Aqua Sunday with a lot of help from Robyn at Robyn's Nest and it became my blog of everything. I had recipes (by request) family, places, and beauty (makeup). Then I discovered Food Buzz and everyone there is very food orientated (of course) and they have mostly food only blogs. So I thought I would start another mostly food blog, not that I have the time with school back in session.

Now I am not formally trained, it is just purely for the joy of cooking. I don't make up a lot of my own recipes, but I research what is out there and make them my own. I have a hard time writing down recipes because I just add and toss and change it the way I like it and don'tmeasure or jot it down. I try now to pay attention to that. When I bring dishes to school I cringe when they want the recipe because I usually don't have one, so hopefully this will help with that.

I love trying new dishes and love food that is foreign to me. When I was a travel agent and was able to go all around the world. My favorite part of traveling was the local foods of the countries that I visited. So this blog should bring some foreign dishes, as well as tried and true dishes that my mom used to make. I like food that is quick and easy yet impressive. So thanks for baring with me in the start of another adventure in food blog land!

I just had to add some food pictures in my post!

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