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Monday, June 11, 2012

White Bean and Tuna Salad - Martha Monday

Today is Martha Monday and I am posting this on Monday! I know, I know, mark the calender!! It was Ana from Sweet Almond Tree turn to choose, and this is what she picked. You can see the recipe here.White bean and tuna salad was just what I needed today, and I actually finished it in daylight!
Oops, now that's better with some smoked salt and pepper! I made just half the recipe because my daughter never has liked tined tuna. So this was perfect size for me and lunch the next day, but my husband ended up eating  the rest of it when he came home late for dinner.

I just did a few things different again due to what I have on hand. I used shallots instead of onion, and soften them when I  warmed the beans with grapeseed oil. I also added the tuna while it was warming so the tuna would be warm too. It did kind of blend it together too much where it didn't photograph very well. I didn't have the red wine vinegar so I used some Chinese Black vinegar, it worked nice due to being slightly sweet like balsamic vinegar, and a little Chinese shao hsing (rice cooking wine). Cilantro instead of parsley. I used arugula/spinach mixed greens, and shaved some asiago cheese on top. I loved the different flavors that came together so well and the olives added just the right touch of tang that it needed.  I really enjoyed it, perfect for these hot afternoons in Florida! With this salad being so easy to put together I will be making it again for sure!